Enhance Your Home with Resin-Bound Paving in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton.

When you are in need of a striking overlay to cover concrete or tarmac or just an Extra parking space, look no further than our domestic paving solutions. At Pps-uk-ltd, in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, we utilise resin-bound paving to overlay damaged or worn out surfaces or build new surfaces from scratch we are offering a home improvement idea for your Driveway path or patio.

Attractive Driveway Solutions

Choose an alternative to the bland and dull appearance of tarmacked, block-paved, or concreted driveways by opting for resin-bound paving. Creating a naturally appealing aesthetic, the paving offers a seamless, permeable surface that is compliant with SUDS. A full range of gravel and aggregates are available, including attractive recycled glass gravel, helping you add kerb appeal and value to your home plus additional parking if needed.

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Paths, Garden Paths, and Footpaths

Paths not only mark the places in your garden that are safe to walk on; they also lead the way to your home and give your garden a sense of completeness, dimension, and charm. Resin-bound paving is the ideal solution for paths, walkways, garden paths, and footpaths, with a wide choice of gravels to choose from. Our paving creates a SUDS-compliant permeable surface, meaning your paths will not be left drowning in puddles, while it can be applied to any hard surface, including concrete or tarmac. Additionally, it is low maintenance, providing assurance that you won’t spend lots restoring it. The experts at PPS UK LTD are capable of applying this surface to your existing paths or even designing entirely new paths from scratch.

Swimming Pool Surrounds

Whether your pool is situated inside or outside your house, it is important to have a non-slip surrounding surface. Not only is our resin-bound paving permeable, giving it the all-important non-slip properties, but it is also attractive and colourful, and can be installed within just a matter of days.

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Alternative Patio Surfaces

Patios are the go-to solution for turning your garden, or part of it, into an outdoor living area. A well-laid patio will integrate your home seamlessly into your garden, providing a solid and level surface for garden furniture and potted plants.

Well-designed patios are about more than just paving slabs - the positioning and layout are both crucial to how much you enjoy this space. Before you start picking out patio ideas and materials, ask yourself important questions, such as:

• What Will You Use It for?
• How Many People Should It Accommodate?
• Which Part of Your Garden Has the Best Aspect and Sunlight?
• Will the Patio Have Enough Privacy?

Answering these questions will help you to determine the most suitable design and surface, but we believe that we offer the best solution for all situations. Resin-bound paving provides a solid, seamless, permeable surface that comes in a wide variety of colours that will blend in with any boundary. The surface is not only easy to maintain, but also ensures that there is no loose gravel or weeds, and it looks great all year round.

Bespoke Garage Floors

Through a combination of resin-bound gravel and paving, PPS UK LTD will breathe new life into your garage with a bespoke flooring system. Available in a full variety of colours, the flooring is laid with a minimum depth of 10mm for durability, while the gravel does not flake or break up like paint-based flooring. The resin-bound flooring system is also ideal for car showrooms, and can be installed within one day, causing minimum disruption to your business. The flooring system has the following features:

• Seamless
• Anti-Slip Properties
• Attractive
• Low Maintenance
• Durable
• Easy to Clean

Contact our paving contractors now, in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, for further details about our resin-bound paving.