Choose Eco-Friendly, Permeable Tree Pits in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire

Enhance the environment, reduce maintenance costs, and decorate the area with our resin-bound tree pits. At PPS UK LTD, in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, our tree pits are specifically designed to be an attractive, UV-stable, urban solution. By choosing our tree pits, you can replace unsightly and costly metal tree grilles with an attractive alternative that is less likely to be vandalised.

Supporting the Tree’s Growth

The unique resin-bound structure maximises the voids between aggregate particles, allowing air flow and water penetration while still remaining tough and durable with sufficient flexibility to allow for tree growth. Additionally, whether you choose the resin-bound tree pit gravel or recycled glass gravel, the surface will allow the ingress of water, enabling the tree to thrive.

Protecting Plants

The permeable, resin-bound tree pits fitted by PPS UK LTD are environmentally friendly and non-harmful to plants. They are made from inert material, which means that they are not chemically reactive. This allows the PH values of the soil to remain unchanged and surrounding plants to continue to thrive. In fact, our tree pits often act as a filter layer that prevents the soil from being affected by external contaminants.

SUDS Compliant

All of our resin-bound tree pits are permeable and fully SUDS compliant, making them the first choice tree surround solution for councils throughout the UK. The permeable surface allows water to return to the natural water table, meaning that issues such as surrounding flooding and pollution have no impact on the pits.

An Alternative to Tree Grilles

Having tree grilles filled with mud surrounding trees tends to result in lots of rubbish, debris, and cigarette butts being collected. This is not only harmful to the tree’s growth, but also poses a danger to children who enjoy playing around the trees. Replacing the mud and grilles with an eco-friendly, resin-bound alternative will not only help to keep the trees in good health but also improve safety for children and the general public.

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Ideal for Commercial Use

Thanks to their many beneficial features, including being hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing, fast curing, and having anti-slip properties, our tree pits are ideal for many commercial projects. Examples include:

• Town Centres
• Pavements
• Schools
• Colleges
• Universities
• Car Parks
• Regeneration Projects

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